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2015-03-26 22:22:20 by jarrydn

Wow, new stuff has happened!

Firstly, i'm no longer a mod. Cheers to Tom & Wade for giving me the chance to step up to the plate, but yeah, reality beckons.

Secondly, I've been taking my music off the internet and out into the real world a bit more. I just finished up in Melbourne last weekend for Square Sounds festival. I dropped a gameboy set of some of the material i've been working on in LSDJ for the last couple of years, and they even captured the stream so you should totally check it out if chiptunes are up your alley (and yes, that is Chipzel in the first couple of seconds)



check it out its fucking loose!

(keep an eye out for the atomsmasha billboards lol)

SEE U IN MeLB!!!!!!!!!

2014-02-11 07:17:33 by jarrydn

hey guys i have been asked to play at the squaresounds pre-party on March 27th, along with Les Incoiffables, Alex Lane, and Alligator Williams. if you're going to be in melbourne and you have some skills to showcase, sign up for the open mic!   

The main event isn't looking too shabby either, with Newgrounds own Midimachine set to hit the main stage, along side the likes of all these fucking dudes!   


new track - tech trance

2013-09-13 20:58:56 by jarrydn

Tried something different for a change

I think it bangs along pretty nicely

maybe i will make more trance in the future

Atomsmasha - 741

new track - tech trance

help me out

2013-06-22 23:57:19 by jarrydn

check out my swaggy tunes i just uploaded to the audio portal. they have been up on my soundcloud for a while but even if you've heard them already you should listen to them again yea

atomsmasha - tuff sick [balls out gabber beatdowns]

atomsmasha - funky chip stomper [funky 8-bit techno/breaks]

atomsmasha - sh0ckwav [hard industrial dnb]

/* */
one of the sickest DJs out, i hope to have the full 2-hour set up soon. subscribe to my youtube channel if you're into the darker side of hard dance music

free EP

2012-11-07 03:47:17 by jarrydn

check it out, my track "Tuff Sick" has just been released as part of a free 4-track EP by RawTek Digital.

Tuff Sick

RawTek - Various Artists - The Delayed EP [free download]

don't forget to follow me on Soundcloud if you aren't already, that is where I upload most of my stuff now.

free EP

what i've been up to recently

2012-10-31 23:33:28 by jarrydn


my tune Darknet is set to be released on Elektroshok records, which i am really pumped about!! I still don't have any official releases out yet, so it's awesome to be getting something out there with such a reputable label! I've been hooked on their sound for years, so this is seriously exciting for me.

i've also started a video production service called Max Entropy Media, and i've been shooting footage at club events around town. I've mainly been focusing on my friend's clubnight "Dominate", but people are starting to take notice of my work, and i'm already being asked along to other events. I'm not making a lot of money at the moment, but that's not really a concern of mine, as I am more interested in earning a good reputation.

Check out my mate Josh Cube smashing out some hardcore, i'm very proud of the work i did on this particular video!!

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I've also taken up photography duties for some of these events (I'm filming with a DSLR after all!), and shot a hardstyle night last weekend. It was a pretty special night, as we flew in The Pitcher from NL!! I got heaps of good snaps that night, here is a sick one of my friend Cyberstruct doing lighting duties for The Pitcher :)

so yeah life rocks!!


what i've been up to recently

my NG account is 10 years old

2012-07-23 22:59:21 by jarrydn

i think this is one of the oldest online accounts that i still keep active. how interesting.

we just finished moving house, no internets for two weeks! had it turned on a few minutes ago. im happier than ever.